Tia & Anda



Sandie Duncan, founder of Tia & Anda, started making natural spa products in 2008. Having worked as a body scrub therapist, she wanted to offer the ladies a different option – and the Brown Sugar RUB ME scrub was born! The innovative product combines Fairtrade brown sugar from Malawi and natural sea salt from France. The success of RUB ME heralded the arrival of Tia & Anda the company, named after Sandie’s two daughters. There are currently four products in the range: RUB ME, STROKE ME, MELT ME, HEAL ME…

The ultimate in self indulgence and home pampering – “it’s a spa in a jar”, says Sandie - the products are not based on complex scientific formulae - they are tried, tested and proven, not on animals but on Sandie herself! As a walking advertisement for her own products, Sandie’s skin is always glowing! Her philosophy is simple – if she won’t use it on her skin then it certainly won’t touch her clients’.

These gorgeous natural products have been created using 100% natural products, some organic, some Fairtrade, blending sweet almond and sunflower oils, sea salt and brown sugar with uplifting essential citrus oils. Sandie finds she uses orange in practically everything - it’s a natural anti-ageing oil and smells fabulous!

Tia & Anda’s eye catching, classic packaging also has that wow factor and was designed by Sarah Roberts. Sandie wants to encourage you not to throw away the beautiful fuschia pink jars the products arrive in, so her daughter Anda came up with “Don’t bin me, refill me!” Read more about the Refill Me scheme HERE.

Sandie hopes using Tia & Anda products will make you go mmmmmmm! and fall in love with your body again. They will leave your skin silky soft, smelling delicious and with a radiant glow.