Tia & Anda



Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!....deep, cleansing, brown sugar scrub – I feel light, relaxed, soft and happy, will be back for more!
Love DianaX
The treatment is out of this world.....the sugars, fruits and secrets are all fabulous
And all natural, a neat treat for the skin....
Thank you for the Brown sugar scrub! It was a great experience and we will be back for sure!
Rebecca, Anisa and Mariam x
Dear Sandie, wow, that was wonderful scrub my first scrub ever, but I think I could definitely make a habit of it!
Thanks so much, Sarah

Dear Sandie, thank you for a luxurious and relaxing scrub down....my body feels soft. The smell of the scrub is uplifting and totally gorgeous...thank you again...
Christine Robertson

Thanks Sandie...The scrub was utterly delicious! The scent of the oils is uplifting to my senses and soothing to a tired body....I’ll be back again for sure.
Valerie x